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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer Storm

Well, technically it wasn't. Since it's not summer yet. The day though was still like it. Hot, sticky, and humid. One of those days that you just long for the AC or a beach to relax on. The thunder storm warnings were out and about for most areas. I was called by my friend SusieG and asked if I wanted to head to Cherry Beach with her And Nietzsche. I checked the weather, and radar, and said that any storms out and about should miss us here in Toronto. Well, I wasn't exactly right about that. He headed out to the beach and I happened to look to the north. Talk about ugly skies. Talk about picture opportunities.

First though, some pictures before the storm, then the storm clouds, then the beach.

Before the Storm
Before the StormBefore the Storm

Dark Clouds Roll In
Dark Clouds Roll InDark Clouds Roll In

Dark Clouds Roll In
Dark Clouds Roll InDark Clouds Roll In

Summer Storm
Summer StormSummer Storm

Waiting for the Lightning
Waiting for the LightningWaiting for the Lightning

Buggy Sky
Cooling offCooling off

After the Storm

Here today, gone in a wave
Here today, gone in a waveHere today, gone in a wave

Like I said I was partially right. We watched the storm roll over and by Toronto from Cherry Beach. We lucked out and only got a few rain drops. Trying to catch forked lightning though with a camera is difficult. I tried a few times before giving up. At least for now. I think I need a light activated trigger or something. Time for some more research.


  1. I think that a light-activated trigger would probably not be fast enough to catch the lightning. Instead, you might want to use a tripod, a very small aperture, and a long exposure. It will take a lot of trial and error to get the lightning.

  2. Yeah, it takes timing. I tried a narrow aperture, about a 15 second shutter, and every time I tried the lightning flashed AFTER the shutter closed. I gave up and went to shoot something else.

  3. Hi PaladinPhil! Wow, those are some great photos (even without the lightning)!!!
    But the one that says "Buggy Sky" looks more like "Birdy Sky" - just sayin'!!
    Say, I wonder if they ever have storms in CHINA?!?

  4. Trust me real, those were bugs. We grow them big up here. And yes, I will be posting some either tomorrow or Thursday. Patience is a virtue you know. And thanks for your patience.