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Friday, September 14, 2012

Lets Play Comedy Show III

Okay, looks like today is the Mullet and troupe comedy routine. Very funny, and totally inappropriate for polite company. That's what makes it so funny I think. If you ever get the chance to see him in action it's worth it. You can find out more about him at his website
Now on with the show.

Aside.Dad, I have...We, all do. What's that?It looks like...Herpezoid One Diabolical PlotStepping in again.More of the Aliens Plan Flash back to..Shouldn't Kissinger sound like?The Present Civilization End!HugAnd Kiss?
Hmmm thought I had more of that. Okay, more clowning around then.
What Next?
Putting Baby To SleepNot Working Ideas?Anyone?Right Okay, Good ONe. Come Again?


  1. Hi Paladin Phil! This is realwest, posting anonymously once again!!
    Those photos are pretty good - as was the introduction earlier (i.e. another day)of Mullet and Miller!! It would appear that all had a great time.
    BUT I have a bone to pick: who decided that the Artful Dodger Beer Emporium, er, tavern, was a suitable place to put Jimi Hendrix photo up, eh?!?
    It would be almost sacrilegious to Jimi's photo poster up on those walls, except that he'd probably dig it himself!
    Some funny shots, in what was not, obviously, the best lighting conditions - excellent work!!

  2. I don't know who decided on the art decor of the place. From what I saw of the bar area on the second floor, where we were situated, it seems to be for bands and music. So Hendrix would be perfectly appropos for the location.