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Friday, October 1, 2010

September Flickr Meet Up: Bedford Academy.

Well end of month yet again. Another meet up of photographer minded people. It was a good crowd this month. A few new faces, same faces that I have come to know. Reverse is that they have gotten to know me....I feel like I have a reputation now.

But that's not bad.

I arrived and scoped out the joint. Thinking about shots later on in the evening, which weren't taken due to the rush to get home. Then inside to the meet up. A few test shots with the 50mm to see if I could get away without using the flash.

This must be the place.
No FlashHmmmm

Well after a few test shots I decided to go with the flash for the rest of the night. That caused a few interesting shots. The ceiling was dark, so the bounced flash was dark as well. I finally managed to figure it out for the best effects.

Yes, the flash is in use

Play it again Samantha
Orange cameraHelmet

Flickr Folk
Flickr FolkFlickr Folk

Flickr Folk
Bashful AndyLessons in Bouncing flash, part 1

Then it was time for last shots, good byes, and everyone wrapped it up for another month. Of course we will see each other through the month, walking, taking pictures....

Last shots

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