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Friday, October 22, 2010

Toronto Strobist Group: Halloween Shoot...The Bad Scary Folk

Well, it's Friday. Luckily it's not the 13th. Cause here's where we try to shoot the dark creepy spectres and stalkers...

Smoke in the Trees
Smoke in the Grass_PKE1212

Okay, get serious here folks. We need fear, loathing, and shivering....


Okay, much better...
A Hanging
A HangingA Hanging

Who let the mook in? We need that whole fear and loathing again.

Chainsaw Spectre

You know, chain saws, blood guts, darkness. Speaking of which, when's sunset again?

Chainsaw Spectre
Chainsaw SpectreChainsaw Spectre

Okay, good work everyone. That's a wrap. Ummm, spectre? you don't need to start up that chainsaw....

Chainsaw Spectre


Next week, the documentation of the large Zombie infestation that is rumoured to have infected the city of Toronto. Stay tuned. Uh, spectre? Can I have that arm back please?

Oh, still here? Very well then. Here are a few pictures that other people took. I am only linking to them since I forgot to get permission to actually display them. Enjoy. I am in a few as well. Guess which ones?

Axe Man

Masked Mayhem

A Hapless Victim

See you all next week.

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