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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Do It Yourself Project: Table Top Soft Box

Okay, this post is a little technical but I just had to share. I got a little ambition this past weekend and went on a whirlwind tear cleaning my apartment. I know, I know, not even close to the annual spring cleaning. Up shot, I found some foam core board that had been gathering dust and I had a clean table to work with...

The Table Is Clear

So what do I do? Mess it up by making what's known as a soft box. A device that diffuses light and reduces hard shadows with strobes. At least that's what I think it's supposed to do. So a bunch of cutting and bending and folding later this is what I ended up with..

The Box...
Angle ShotsAngle Shots

A quick little test to make sure my strobe fits...
Testing the FlashTesting the Flash

Just a few more details and it was almost ready. Tinfoil and a cloth front.

Test ShotsAlmost Done....

So a little bit of effort, ingenuity, and use of trash junk SUPPLIES that have been hanging around my place and I end up with the following. First is with my places "natural" light then the soft box, with a white back ground and finally with the cloth cover in full soft box mode.

Steam Tank: Ambient Light

Test Shots

Start Shooting

Steam Tank: Full Flash

Steam Tank: Full Soft Box

I think I will be having a bunch of fun with this new device. Expect a lot of shots of my Warhammer miniatures in the next little while. An old hobby meets the new passion.


  1. Nope, the fantasy battles. I will be posting more pictures of my army as we go along. :)