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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Toronto Photo Walks: Riverdale Farm--Toronto Necropolis

Well this past Saturday was fun. First off on the walk was the Riverdale Farm and next the Toronto Necropolis across the street. A fun little jaunt, if it wasn't raining so hard. Yep, rain. I sometimes hate this time of year. At least I and a few of my fellow photo junkies were brave enough to venture forth and try to do our best. Just a word of warning, some of my pictures in the following days will have a few rain spots on the lens. Mind you it does add something to them. The things though that I will suffer for my art. Now, onto the proud, the brave, and the foolish.

Brave Photographers
Brave PhotographersBrave Photographers

Farm House
Wet CowSo Wet, So Bedraggled

Brave Photographers

It's a Seat

1 comment:

  1. Those Clydesdales need to be pulling a wagon full of beer to complete the scene