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Friday, July 8, 2011

China: Terracotta and Warriors 2

Back to China again. Once more for the Terracotta Warriors. Last time we looked at Pit #1, this time it's Pit #3 and #2 in that order. #3 is the smallest one. It contained what was a command group for the army. Officers, generals, guards. In a typical arrangement. Pit #2 was the cavalry and archers. This pit isn't as heavily excavated as Pit #1. There are a few examples of what is to be expected in the rest of the area, but they are leaving it alone for the moment. As well there were two 1/3 scale bronze pieces. One a commander chariot with umbrella, and a tortise carriage, which is surmised to be the funeral carriage. Fascinating place to see. Pictures don't really do the whole complex justice.

First though, a panoramic shot I pieced together of Pit #1, just to get you into the concept of the size of part of the place.


Now onto the rest.

Pit #3
Pit #3Pit #3

Pit #3
Pit #3Pit #3Pit #3

Pit #3

Pit #2
Pit #2Pit #2

Terracotta Warrior
Terracotta WarriorTerracotta WarriorTerracotta Warrior

Terracotta Warrior
Cavalry Horse_PKE8595

Terracotta Warrior
Pit #2Pit #2

Cavalry Horse

Commander Chariot
Commander ChariotCommander Chariot

Funeral Cart

Funeral Cart

I apologize for the quality of some of the pictures. It was really dark, and you aren't allowed tripods in this museum. Otherwise you could take some real stunning pictures in there.

Lastly, the cherry trees were in full bloom around the museum. It added to the area. We ate lunch in a nearby restaraunt that is owned by the family of the farmer that discovered the soldiers originally. And the final picture is of the tomb mound, Mount Li, of the emperor.

Cherry Blossoms
Cherry BlossomsCherry Blossoms


Mount Li



  1. Just STUNNING photos PaladinPhil - an incredible treasure trove!!
    You were right and I was wrong - THESE magnificent photos were well worth the wait.
    Was there any explanation at all as to why so many of the "Command Figures" had lost their heads?
    All I can say is THANK YOU for these photos, they are just great - I can't imagine using a tripod would have made them any better at all.

  2. I think the reason so many heads were missing is that they are probably being restored. As you can see from many of my pictures the statues weren't in good shape when originally found. It takes time to piece them together properly, if they have the correct pieces.