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Thursday, October 6, 2011

World Wide Photo Walk 3

Hmmm, getting close to the end here. I think I have enough. I still need to find what I think is my best picture for the walk. I have a few candidates so far. Nothing definitive. I need something with punch, is memorable, stands out, and well good. Okay, I have a few that meet those descriptions or part of them at least. So if you folks out there see something that stands out to you let me know. Attention grabbing, that's the key and ticket. O'Happy Garden You Are HereDepth in Surface Good Bike Mirrored AgainBad Bike Alone, in the Reflected Crowd Reaching for the Clouds
Reaching for the CloudsReaching for the Clouds Fire Station Bundled HosesPeeping Photographer Hose TowerOld Alarm BellGive Me Air! Parking the Pumper Parking the PumperHome At Rest Fittings Crest

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