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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Expired Film

One way to keep your film costs down is going out and buying expired film. If you know when and where to go you can get some rolls real cheap. I went to a photo show/flea market where they were selling all sorts of older camera gear. One table had rolls of film for $2 a roll. Just happened to be expired by a few years. Like 2003 for some of them. A grab bag of what you could expect. Sometimes you can get some interesting effects. I guess I lucked out when I shot a roll. No major defects in the film, and the pictures turned out quite nice. Going to have to wait for the next show now in six months to get my hands on more colour film though. I have a couple rolls in the freezer to play with. 70950002 7095000370950004 70950006 7095000870950009 70950011
7095001070950012 70950014 7095001370950015 70950019
7095001670950017 70950020 7095002470950026

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