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Monday, November 28, 2011

Toronto Photo Walks: Queen West

Been feeling blah lately, no inspiration, fewer photos. I think it was time for another photo walk. On the best of days, they can inspire me. Worst of days? At least I can get something I can use. This was a better one. Lots of inspiration, lots to see, and lots of great company. The walk started at the south end of Trinity Bell Wood park, I was running a little behind so I caught up with the group at the north end of the park. I took a short cut. The day was nice, started off a little overcast, not too cold, and no precipitation in the forecast. A nice day to shoot subjects. One of the nice things about the park was the dog off leash park. Or as one friend said, plenty of subjects for Dog Mondays...Do I post a lot of dog shots on Mondays? Going to have to check that out. I may have a pattern that I wasn't aware of. So needless to say it's Monday, and yes there are dog shots involved. Path goes down.ShackNOTICE! Path goes UP!Aged sidingRust I SAID.....ROUGH!PLAY!PLAY! Wrapped around my feetDownward DogGiving some English Running through the leavesDangling, a Zombie Horde RemenantDangling, a Zombie Horde Remenant Hooorooom....Tough GuyPARK!!!

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