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Friday, December 9, 2011

Wenchan China Earthquake Relic Site

On May 12, 2008 Sichuan China experienced a devastating 8.0 richter scale earthquake. The damage and death toll were unimaginable. The people were in shock. Too this day the scars on the landscape still exist. Other signs, like new buildings, damaged landscape, are what remain. Except for Wenchan. What remains of the old city is in the process of being preserved as a relic site to show the massive power of when the earth moves. Very little has been done to clean it up, just roads for people to walk through. Most surviving residents can not even attempt to retrieve any possessions. If they could. It was very somber walking through this destroyed city. Here and there signs in English and Chinese are posted, some denoting what building stood there, other cases documenting a miracle rescue. To be honest, my pictures don't do it justice. It's one of those places that you have to see in person. Fields of rubble were a building stood. Next to it a building would appear undamaged. As well, there are sites where they think bodies still rest, undisturbed for now. It's a memorial and a reminder. _PKE9209_PKE9210_PKE9208 _PKE9211_PKE9212_PKE9214 _PKE9213
_PKE9216_PKE9217 _PKE9215_PKE9218_PKE9219 _PKE9220_PKE9221_PKE9222 _PKE9226_PKE9228_PKE9229 _PKE9227_PKE9230_PKE9231 _PKE9232_PKE9233_PKE9234 _PKE9236_PKE9237_PKE9238 _PKE9239

1 comment:

  1. Hi Paladin Phil - this is realwest again! These are photos that really get to your heart - but I don't understand something: why aren't people who lived there allowed to return to retieve any personal possessions that may have survived that horrific earthquake?!
    And the idea that bodies are still there - that they Chinese government didn't try to retrieve them makes me think that China's government, at least, cares too much about keeping it a "relic" site than it does about the people- and the friends and relatives of those who died and who's remains are still there.
    Interesting political commentary and, of course, excellent photo's.
    Thanks for these!