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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Toronto Photo Walks: Queen West 4

And a slight I shall focus on one subject from various angles and many interactions. The Bathurst Bridge that crosses the rail lands south of Front St. going towards Lakeshore. It's a nice bridge, and interesting bridge, and there are lots of ways of viewing it. So bear with me as I take a closer look at it.
Iron RailingFramedGrid Work Bolt HeadVideo ShootEmulating Girders
Nut and BoltNut and Bolt Hopping Green means go!Gazing at the Skyline Rusting Dark SpaceBetween the Lines


  1. Good morning Paladin Phil!! This is realwest, who's Typepad and Google accounts are still messed up. Is "Bathurst Br/idge" some special Canadian version of the spelling of "Bridge" or is that the name of it?
    Say, I hear that,if Obama can get his Jobs Bill through the Democratic Party controlled U.S. Senate (which has voted it down once already) there may be more infrastructure repair funding money available, so mayb you folks can glom onto some of it to repair that Bridge!(Why not, he bought his campaign bus from a Canadian company!).
    Seriously, though, very nice and interesting photos my friend!!