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Monday, April 1, 2013

Operation: Easter Bunny Hop

Cross posted at "Shapers Among Us" and one reason why I was a little behind schedule for posting this winter. Story follows now: Wednesday March 27 was the start of the planning. The goal? As many level 8 Enlightened portals as possible in the City of Toronto, or the Greater Toronto Area. The agents? As many as we could field throughout the night. We started with 8 confirmed, and slowly over the course of 24 hours we got 18 confirmations. One agent was a level 7, but that was okay. There were two aspects to this mission. Team one: The strike team. Agents Muffy, waffl3, Alphacypher, GrimJim, and others to be named later Team two: The farm team. Agents knightwatch (myself), Traycer, St0rm, majic, C0DEX, booya, and others to be named later There were fill ins here and there. Of course no plan survives contact with the enemy. We agreed to meet at a central location to fine tune strategy and let the late arrivals show up. The location was chosen at the last minute to ensure there were no leaks to the local Resistance that something was up. The location to refuel and plan was the Ben Wicks pub on Parliament street. Just before we met up we got a message from SPARX, there was a level 8 Enlightened member from the Chicago area visiting and looking to assist in any operation. After sufficient back ground checks were done, he was welcomed and let in on the planning. 1930 hrs we meet at Ben Wicks. Planning commences. As well as dining and drinking. As I like to call it refueling. It was going to be a long night.
The Group Prepares Larger Shot
First target of opportunity was our usual downtown battle ground. Queen's Park and the University of Toronto Campus. The farm team would hit Queen's Park and take out and build up all 13 portals. Meanwhile the strike team would hit the three portals just east of there at Bay and Wellesly before moving onto the University of Toronto Campus.
In case of enemy action, we would move to a secondary location, Casa Loma. By this time there were 16 of us. Some would be joining us later, while others would be leaving later. A good evening to work. Fueled up and bills paid we broke up into smaller groups and headed to the appropriate vehicles. Time to move and make the city green. 2200 hrs: We arrived at Queens Park and moved out enmasse. Things were going well. The Resistance portals fell like dominoes and we rapidly built them up to Level 8's. The farm team proceeded to reap the bounties and the strike team moved out to hit the surrounding locations. As expected the Resistance hit back fast. cskidd was on the prowl and promptly took down a lot of the portals. We fought a quick battle releveling them and then packing up and heading out.
First Target
Mission was proceeding apace. We had created 18 level 8 portals in thirty minutes. Casa Loma was the next target and we arrived without incident. Within 10 minutes all 8 portals at that location were level 8 and we proceeded to burn them out. It was now approaching midnight and we needed a small break. A local Tim Hortons was raided and we stocked up on coffee and donuts. Next area of action was The Junction (Dundas and Keele) for another 8 portals built up and burnt out.
Casa Loma
By this point and time the Resistance action downtown had petered out. Just to be on the safe side we headed west to a small portal farm in Mimico, also known as the home base of that most dreaded and hated level 8 Resistance player HONDAKENDO. He hadn't been active for a little while and we thought it would be safe for a bit. (we found out later that he was on vacation). Seven more portals were upped to 8 and we moved on.
Hacking Stone of Shorty Almost CompleteReady?
Some people were just about finished so we headed back downtown to Queen's Park and take it back over again. A couple people went home at this time and some showed up. Traycer and SPARX arrived while C0DEX left for home. GrimJim would be leaving shortly as well. 13 more portals were taken to 8 then we moved east to Bay st. and then down to City Hall. In the process 24 more portals were added to our count. What's the tally now? Almost 70. I think I am missing some in my recollection here. I will grab the offical list and some screen caps later for the wrap up. It had been a busy night. Half the group was tired and done while the rest of us wanted to keep on going. We had 8 left. That was enough for portal creation.
Walking Down Bay Street
Next stop was Miliken Up at Steeles and McCowan to assist one of our members that lived in the area. Miliken Park, a couple Toronto Public libraries and other notable portals. For a grand total of 15. 0ver 85 now. The member we assisted had to leave and we were down to 7 now. We couldn't raise a level 8 portal on our own. What to do? Quick check of my scanner and portal keys and we had a destination. Yonge and Eglinton where there are 5 portals, six if you counted Avenue Road. All those portals had a level 8 resonator on them that didn't belong to our group. off we went. The sun was starting to rise in the east and we were so close to our goal of 100 portals we could taste it. 0630 hrs. Mission accomplished, and portals burnt out. The only thing left to do was to finish off the night and grab some breakfast. Fortunately for us Mars Uptown was open and they had great food. We, the final 7, Muffy, St0rm, waffl3, Traycer, Jaku, knightwatch, and booya, bundled ourselves into a booth drank coffee, ate breakfast, and tallied up the nights run. Screen shots from waffl3 showed 73 portals at 8. Recollections and runs put it at 103. This was due to early morning brain fogginess.
After An Exhausting NightBreakfast?Checking the Haul
We finished breakfast, bade each other farewell, and thanked our out of town visitor, jaku, for the wonderful tips and tricks he passed on. We vowed to do something similar again in the near future. As we arrived home, Traycer proudly declared that there were over 45 portals still level 8 in the city. The final portal from our run finally fell Saturday night. And here is the grand list of all portals captured (google docs). The screen grabs from phones is still being compiled, and as of last count we have confirmation on 73 portals. Remember, Resistance is futile. Enlightenment is the path to the future. To be updated with the rest of the info as I receive it from the other members in the force.

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