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Monday, January 25, 2010

Downtown, Kensington Market

I used to live in Toronto a long time before I moved back here now. Back in the early 70's we used to live at Queen and Bathurst. My father was a mailman and part of his route was Kensington Market. Of course we shopped there because it was close and had everything we needed within a short walk of everything. After we moved out of the city I returned to Kensington Market as part of a field trip back around 1985. I was...disappointed. The area seemed to have been sanitized. Back when I lived and shopped there, you would see crates of live chickens stacked up in front of the butcher shops. The aromas, and odors were thick in the area. Summer was an assault on all the senses as well. Now a-days you can get a hint of the aroma if you know what you are looking for on a street or two. So one day I drew up my courage and went to wander the neighbourhood. I found that there are still a butcher shop or two, the cheese store hasn't changed at all, and all the fruit stands are still there. Now though there are a lot of coffee houses and knick knack stores. It's colourful at the least and lots of art work on the walls. I took a lot of pictures and have been back again. So I will probably have a few posts on this just showing pictures. I may return again to update locations that I haven't snapped yet. So enjoy the views, and thanks for reading my ramble from my memory of my history.
Building artStreet Scene
Another BuskerWaiting?
Kensington MarketBuilding Art

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