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Friday, July 23, 2010

What I did on my summer blog style!

Well, last day of the week and I will make this a long one. So what did I do on vacation? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!! I enjoyed it too. I sat around, drank beer, took pictures and traveled a bit. Went north for most of it to visit friends and family and then on the second last day went to the Kitchener/Waterloo area for some cruising.

So I arrived at the old hometown and went here and there with friends as they ran errands(oops, forgot to process a bunch of pictures here. Maybe next week?)

Tried a little experimenting...
Road Motion

And kicked back and relaxed. Took pictures of people and kids at play.


The local wild life....

Are you there?Trixie

And more relaxation...

From the HammockEnticing seat

Finally off to Kitchener/Waterloo to watch people work...


And choosing the lesser of two weevils by going with the women folk while they shopped...all over the place.

Lollipop ChopsStones

The good news is that I started training a minion. Good help is hard to find sometimes...

Good Use of a Minion
Good Use of a MinionGood Use of a Minion

I saw some interesting things while wandering around the hamlet of St. Jacobs.

Really?  New Arrowheads?
Bacon Vs. Tofu
(hmmm, did I forget the Squirrel Underpants shot?)

Ahhh, and the food. There was lots and lots of good food.
First from "Harmony Lunch" A pork burger with bacon...
Harmony Lunch Burger...With Bacon

Then the BBQ afterwards.

Burning the DinnerBurning the Dinner
Burning the DinnerToo Much Sun?
Dinner Time

A good time was had. Still recovering in a jet lag kind of way. It was fun, and I think I have a few more pictures around that are postable eventually.

Paladin Phil


  1. A pork-burger? What did it come with? Looks pretty good...