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Monday, November 19, 2012

Lest We Forget

Last Sunday, I went to the Rememberance Day ceremonies at old city hall. It's been a few years since I have been able to attend. One day that I try to never miss. If I can't go to a ceremony I will still honour the day and the two minutes of silence. Things have rapidly changed since I first started attending these ceremonies. I have seen the veterans from WW I diminish and finally disappear, and I am now seeing the same thing happen to the veterans of WW II. Time marches on and stops for no man or woman. It's a loss that we will feel. This year there were a few veterans marching, but no longer the companies or platoons. We had a marching band, Sea and Air Cadets, and a platoon of Officer Cadets. The parades are definitely much smaller now. We marked our minute of silence, sang our traditional hymns, and paid our respects. Then we moved on with our lives. Lest we forget...

Danced on Laughter Silver WingsRememberance DayOur Glorious Dead Many GatheredRoyal Canadian Dragoon VeteranGathered
Old City Hall
CrowdsMarching Band March Past Colour PartyMarch on by Shouldered ArmsColour Party tooMilitary Officer Cadets Our Future Sea and Air CadetsWatching Throng Close to Hearts and Minds

One final note. Before the ceremonies started, a horrible display occured. Two young ladies unfurled a banner and started screaming and yelling about how horrible our troops and veterans were. They were escorted nicely off the grounds of Old City Hall by the police and told to go elsewhere. During the ceremonies, and the two minutes of silence, they shouted more statements. They weren't molested or harmed in anyway. They had their freedom of speech that I and my comrades in arms have fought and defended before. I don't think they understood the irony of their position. Your welcome ladies.
Practicing Freedom of Speech

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