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Friday, November 30, 2012

Random end of the Week

Well, not so random really. After the photo walk I met up with some other photographers from Google + for Drink and click. Said hi, had a beer, took some pictures then wandered off again. Going to have to wander the downtown core getting some of the Christmas lights that are in full bloom now. Ready for TakeoffPink CloudsDrink And Click Toronto Infamous Tree
Awesome Bathroom Graffiti Christmas Tree Old Stampededer Fan
45A sign Strings of Lights
TurningStraight All the Way to the end


  1. Hi Phil, this is realwest commenting anonymously again!!
    This post the the immediately older posts are full of some really good photos, thank you!

    I do wish that you could, perhaps, add some sort of more descriptive material for some of these shots though - like the "Infamous Tree" (where is it and why is it Infamous) and the "String of Lights" (same questions) and in the immediately prior post, what is a "Yurt"?!?
    Still and all great photos Paladin Phil! Thanks!

  2. Hi Realwest. Sorry about the lack of descriptions. The "Infamous Tree" is a artsy fartsy mock up of a Christmas tree in the Eaton Center downtown Toronto. A lot of people haven't liked it because it's too artsy and not Christmasy enough. The String of lights is in one of the same malls entrances. Now a Yurt is a mongolian "tent" that is typically made of felt and hung over a wooden frame. Very warm for the steppe nomads.

  3. Hi Phil - glad you responded so quickly to my comment! For those folks who think the Infamous Tree is too artsy, let 'em go buy an aluminum pink Christmas Tree the way they do every year!!
    Thanks for the explanation of the String of Lights and the Yurt. But NOW I understand why you don't give fuller descriptions the first time around; its a way to generate comments, isn't it?!?