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Monday, March 25, 2013

February Dim Sum Walk IV

There's nothing like walking along a harbour or shore line when the ice is just freezing over. Where the waves will still move it but the ice is just thick enough to hold a semblance of shape. It cracks, moves and grinds against each sheet and the sound is hauntingly eerie. This is what I heard as we walked along the boardwalk at Harbour Front. Checking out the ice build up on the boats, watching the skaters on a rink and generally freezing our butts off. Worth it for the experience and the harsh light at times. Icy ReflectionPaddle WheelBow CrackedSeagulls on IceJutting Pier Reflecting the LightInner HarborSkaters Big DogSkatingDuck on Ice PK3_9483
Duck on IceFrozen Wave Deck


  1. Hi Phil!! This is realwest commenting! I have to say, as I did on the prior posting, that these are great photos.
    Capturing the ice floating along is not an easy shot to get, I'd imagine.
    In any event, I just wanted you to know that I think these are some really cool photos and hope that you will -more or less - keep us current with threads!

  2. I will try realwest. Tomorrow, maybe a toughie though. Depends on how much energy I have when I get home tonight. ;)