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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Toronto Photo Walks: Bloordale and Dufferingrove V

The brief lull in lack of wind wasn't long. We did carry on though wandering through the alley ways of the Dundas area. Found some interesting things, and usual things. Bravely we staggered on.

Found BeadTaking a BreakBaptist Church Behind a ChurchReaching to the SkyCrosses EntrySaint HelenOut of the Wind Ice H20Chains of LoveUmmm, What? TearJade HeadUnicorns UnicornsLulaHungry


  1. Hi Phil, Realwest posting anonymously again!
    Many of those photos were genuinely cool - in particular,however, I wonder about the shot you have captioned as "Found Bead" -it looks, on close up, as if it were a skull -plastic, I'm sure but still............! And the "Chains of Love" -were they put there by you or one of your fellow photographers or are they there all the time?
    Lastly, I wonder if you have the "backstory" behind the artwork (some folks would call it graffiti) is very artistic and intriguer. Do you know the backstory of it? who painted it or what it represents?
    Thanks again for a great bunch of photos!

  2. In order "Found Bead" was a ceramic bead slightly broken found by the model.
    The "Chains of Love" was discovered like that. Unfortunately most of the art work "graffiti" is very undocumented. I am sure that some of the people in the community know who did it but tracking it down is difficult and often happens by chance.