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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Toronto Photo Walks: Bloordale and Dufferingrove I

Yep it's back to photo walk posts again. Almost two weeks ago we met up for a late April walk. April, should be warm, nice, and maybe rainy. What did I wake up to? SNOW! Even the robins weren't impressed that much.

Spring Snow
Well, I sucked it up and tried to dress appropriately for the weather. Should have worn my winter coat though. And went out to meet up with all my brave (crazy) friends. I had no choice but to show up. Anyway, I showed up a little late and had to track them down. Snow flurries, blowing wind, ugly stuff. I did do my best to get some spring shots at least.

Caught in the NeedleBuddingOptimist Two-Toned and SnowSeventy-TwoCracked Stained GlassBlueDaffodils Lonesome and BlueAlley*RAWR* De-Throned
PillaredA Flower Grows


  1. Hi Phil, realwest again! Some good photos here, but I wonder about the photo you've titled "Optimist" - was that taken at night (looks like the Moon to me!) and if so, HOW did you take that with a flash that DIDN'T "flash out" the Moon?!

  2. That's no moon, that's a blurred out porch light in the background. No flash was used and I was adjusting the exposure a bit to darken the image. The reason I called it "Optimist" was that it was budding in practically freezing temperatures that day. See the first picture to see what I mean by cold. :p

    1. A porch light?! No it isn't, its the Moon! (start and end of the Argument Clinic, h/t Monty Python).
      It is, nonetheless, a great photo .................until, of course, you spoiled my dream with your harsh reality of a porch light!

      Oh and I got that budding in the freezing cold bit all by myself!!