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Monday, March 8, 2010

Davisville Sculpture

Going through pictures again wondering what to post on can be a bit of an issue. Especially when you have a heck of a lot of pictures to sort through. I realized that I have been posting stuff that I took really recently and shuffled off stuff that I had taken earlier. Might have to focus this week on some items I took pictures of when I got the Nikon and even earlier. I will be sorting myself out a bit over the next little while doing this. So much to do.

So to the topic at hand, Davisville. Early, about a couple of weeks ago, I looked at the Al Green Sculpture park in this area and some of his works there. As well in the park are a few pieces by Sorel Etrog. I won't be looking at those ones today, instead I will be showing off several works that I found in the surronding area. Quite a few to be honest. More than I expected when I first wandered around there. Now these pictures were taken on the afternoon of December the 5th of 2009. I was bored at home and decided to go for a short walk to the area and see what I could capture.

This piece has a name somewhere. Can't find it yet online or other places. I will be searching off and on so I can do some updating for my personal database.

Double YouDouble You

This one is called Double You by Kosso Eloul. Ever notice how some sculptures use certain materials and have certain styles? Check out the next sequence here and you tell me.


Same sculptor, this piece is called "Alat". I have seen a couple of other pieces by him as well in other parts of the city. The good thing with stainless steel is that it keeps the shine on for a while in the outdoors.

Memorial to Val ChendeMemorial to Val ChendeMemorial to Val Chende

This one is titled "Memorial to Val Chende" by Valer Chende. Would be fun to find out a little history about the name of this piece. Interesting use of concrete as well for a medium.

Anyway that's it for today. Will have to walk later on though.

Paladin Phil

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