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Monday, March 22, 2010

"Fly Witt Me" Video Shoot: Behind the Scenes

Last week I was asked by my friend SusieG if I would be willing to go to a video shoot being done as part of a project for another friend, Lisa, as part of their school project. I had nothing planned and said sure. Susie was going as well to do hair for the models that would be in the video. So Wednesday after work I went home, changed, gathered my gear, and went to meet with Susie for the drive down to the Trebas Institute on Dundas West and Bloor.
Green ScreenGreen Screen
We arrived about 6:30 pm and I met the crew and cast and proceeded to start taking pictures. I took a lot that evening over about four hours. So in the next couple of days I will be showing different stages of the shoot. Unfortunately I had to take off early due to work and stuff. I am just waiting for the video to be finished. When it is I will link it here as well. So first off lets show everyone before they were done up by my good friend and hairstylist extrodinare SusieG.

The singer/songwriter is called Donovan, with him in these pictures is one of the models named Joa.

Donovan and Joa: Before Hair styling

I can't remember this lovely lady's name, I will be working on that and will update when I do find out again.


We can't forget the director and videographer at all. (another name I forgot to write down, working on it)
Setting upSetting up

Assistant and dancer.
Shooting the Video: ProducersClowning Around

And of course our friend Lisa P.

Shooting the Video: Lisa P

Now we have the cast of characters, stay tuned for what happened after wards. See you round.


  1. Wow, cool!

    I like the new look of your blog, too, Phil!

  2. Thanks, keep hearing a black background is better for showing off pictures. Have to agree with that consensus.