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Monday, September 6, 2010

Toronto Photo Walks: The EX

Well Saturday was another Photo Walk here in Toronto with the group I hang out with. It was an interesting day overall. It started when I checked the online boards and the organizer asked me to be the Leader/Wrangler/cat herder for the beginning of the day since he couldn't make it till later. I agreed and numbers were passed on. I got all my gear ready and headed for the bus. The Canadian International Air Show was supposed to be going on at 12:30 so I wanted to be down there early to save some good seats for the group. It started off looking nice...

Hopeful Sky

I got down there, grabbed a hot dog, some coffee and headed to the lake front. The skies weren't too bad at 10:00, but the wind was strong and the waves choppy.

Lake Ontario
Ontario Place BreakwallBreak Wall

The skies started to get ominous, but I had our seats and fellow photographers started to arrive.

BleachersGroup Shot One

Things progressed, the wind picked up, rain threatened a few times, and more people arrived to view the show.


In the meantime, birds abounded. Mostly seagulls, which were trying to fly into the wind (one guy later on swore that one gave up trying to fly and started walking).


Finally the show began. A CP-140 Aurora did the initial fly by to make sure that the weather was safe for the rest of the fliers.

CP-140 Aurora
CP-140 AuroraCP-140 Aurora

The wind had gotten stronger and rain started blowing in...

Break Wall
Incoming Rain
Incoming Rain and Aurora
CP-140 AuroraCP-140 Aurora

The conclusion was that it was too dangerous at the time to fly due to the winds and chop. The air show was put on standby in case the weather improved. Unfortunately it never did. So I lead the group in search of warmer and drier environments.

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