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Monday, September 19, 2011

Toronto Photo Walks: Toronto Zoo

Be careful when you go out to the woods today....Lions, tigers, bears, oh my. Yes I went to observe captive creatures this weekend. I haven't been to the zoo in almost ten years, and when I went it was either in late fall or early spring. Few crowds, but few outside animals. This time the day was nice enough that all the animals were outside in their enclosures. We had a small group this time, again. Only about ten or so of us showed up. A blessing of a sort. Easier to keep track in among all the crowds of regular visitors. So the route was starting off in the Malaysian area, to the Africa Savannah, then down to the Arctic Tundra with a side stop to some North American and Central American exhibits. We didn't cover the Canadian part or the Eurasia part. As well, I think we missed a few other exhibits as well. The Toronto Zoo covers a large area and takes in a lot of walking. So on with the show. From the entrance to the Malaysian exhibit...Come join me on Safari. Stream Not ImpressedFirst Arrivals Fairy Police Officer Fairy Police OfficerFairy Police Officer Merry Go Round Merry Go RoundMerry Go Round Foot Prints Lion Tailed MacaqueLion Tailed Macaque Indian Rhinoceros ButterfliesButterflies Butterflies ButterfliesButterflies Snake Stroller ParkingMalaysian Woods Pavilion

1 comment:

  1. Hey there Paladin Phil!! Very good photos, as usual, but how do you know its an "Indian Rhinocerous" ? I couldn't see the license plate in your photo!!