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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Toronto Photo Walks: Air Show 4

Okay almost done just a few more things and we will call it an airshow. Just a couple more shots of Jet Team Heavy Metal, then the Red Bull Racer, and the crowning jewel of the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum from Hamilton Ontario. One of two operational Avro Lancasters in the world. Nothing like the sound of 4 snarling Merlin engines. A real piece de resistance to see in action overhead. I am going to have to scrape up the scratch to go for a ride in that baby. $2,500 for a one hour flight. Just think of the pictures you could take. Any way, enough day dreaming, and on with the show. Split! Heavy Metal Formation Heavy Metal Formation Red Bull Racer Red Bull RacerRed Bull Racer

The Acrobatics done for now they started talking to a living pilot from WW2 that had flown the Lancaster. Off in the distance over the lake a spec appeared, I focused in with my telephoto and caught the Lancaster coming in. Meanwhile over the speakers the former pilot talked of his experiences in the war, being shot down and escaping. Just as he finished the Lanc made it's first pass, and turned to go around again and again. No acrobatics, tight turns or speed dives for this lady. Her work has been done, and now is the time to show off her still sleek lines to the modern day upstarts. A sight to behold.
Off In The Distance Avro Lancaster Avro LancasterAvro Lancaster Avro Lancaster Avro LancasterAvro Lancaster Avro Lancaster Avro LancasterAvro Lancaster

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