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Monday, September 5, 2011

Toronto Photo Walks: Air Show

Well, Labour day is upon us and for most of us it means the end of summer. Here in Toronto it's the wind up of the Canadian National Exhibition. It's not like the past I remember, but there's one thing that's a must see if you go and that's the long weekend Canadian International Air Show. Planes, jets, acrobatics, sky divers, you name it. Last year we went as a photo walk group as well. Unfortunately the weather wasn't co-operative. See my posts in the archives on that day. This year though the day dawned mostly sunny, very warm, with a chance of a thunder storm late in the afternoon. Otherwise, an almost perfect day to snap pictures of air craft.
As well, we were joining up with some people from a photo sharing site called 500px (for 500 pixels). There was promise of swag and a prize for a randomly selected 500px blog on the day. Think I have a chance? So we met up at the CNE TTC loop for 12 noon. After a roughish start to the day with the transit not co-operating and me almost forgetting my ticket at home, I came into a bit of luck. I met one of my fellow photo walkers who was earlyish like me and we got to talking. She showed me her ticket that she bought from some gentleman at the front gate. What type of ticket? A VIP pass for the air show. Front row center for all the air craft acrobatics. I told her what it might be, and got some confirmation from the volunteer staff that, yes it was one. She hemmed, hawed, and pointed out that her kit lens wasn't the best lens for the location and asked me if I wanted the PASS! I gave it all of 3 seconds thought......YOINK!!!! Okay, I was a bit more polite than that. Needless to say I owe her a beer or two, or three the next time she comes out.
Any way, we met up with the rest of the crowed. Met Jen and Andrey from 500px. Got a coupon for $10 off a gelskin, and another one for $30 off of a canvas print. I told our fearless leader, Paul, I had to jet and I would meet up with them after the air show. Off I went at the high port. Half way to the main viewing area I heard a roar come from behind me and just caught a glimpse of the CF-18 go streaking over head. Too fast for a shot, and I wasn't prepared. I ran, stopping to snap a picture here and there as I glimpsed it over head.
I made it to the viewing areas in enough time to catch it doing a couple low level passes. Enough for now, I am still drooling over the pictures I managed to take. ON WITH THE SHOW!!!
Busy Entrance Into the Canadian National ExhibitionHold Still...
Oh No!  I am Late! Oh No!  I am Late!Almost...
Slow Fly By F-18 Fly PastSlow Fly By
F-18 Fly Past Crowd For the ShowVIP Section
Oh, on a small personal note. This next air craft is the type I flew and got licensed in way back in my youth. I will have to dig my dusty archives for some proof...
Royal Canadian Air Cadets Royal Canadian Air CadetsRoyal Canadian Air Cadets
Oh, and that damn lamp post was an interesting challenge with some of my pictures through the course of the show. I will post a couple of examples to show what I mean later on, or after I show all the good stuff. And that's it for today, much more to come.

1 comment:

  1. The start of some GREAT photos, no doubt Phil!!
    And I'll bet you had problems taking photos of that F-18 when it went zooming past!!
    Thanks for these - now where are the rest?!? LOL!