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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

July Scavenger Hunt: The Out Takes

Well, it's almost official. The last album was revealed to us today and we are now awaiting the winners for the Chrysta Rae July Scavenger Hunt. It was rough, tough, and down right brutal. The heat wasn't helping either. The list was a usual doozie, and we were buckling down hard trying to come up with something creative, unique, and outside the box. Well, some of us went so far out the box we climbed into the same one. Not me,I had a few unique ones. Well, unique enough that I wasn't duplicating that many people. Here are my images that I shot for rust and the concept I was working on at one point. There are many ways to view and see rust. Alas, I took the standard approach. Rust 5 Rust 4 Rust 3
Rust 2Rust One These two is one idea I was playing with but couldn't get it to work out the way I wanted too. Pay attention to the selfy, it will pop up in another picture. concept-2 concept-3 So that was rust, and the next is Motion. I was playing with some panning techniques, and catching some things moving. Over all they weren't bad, but not what I was looking for. Motion TestMotion Pan 2 Motion Pan 4Motion One Motion Two Now the kicker is that I had locked in my selection for motion when I shot an amazing couple of motion pictures. I will learn for next time so it won't happen again. The following are two pictures I shot near the end of July. The story is that my sister-in-law was flying in from China and my niece wasn't told. The two following images are her running to embrace her mother. Now these shots were an accident. I had my camera settings on too slow a shutter speed for the event. Looking at them though I loved the movement and blurred effect. Especially in the first one. Oh well, spilled milk... Run! Hugs Tomorrow, we return to our regularly scheduled photo walk. I will come back to more out takes that I have for other categories. Well, out takes for ones that I have.

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