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Monday, August 20, 2012

Model: A Behind the Scenes Look

Okay, took a ton of pictures this weekend, and my computer is gasping at me. Hope to fix that situation this evening. Anyway, I did promise some behind the scenes look at creation of some of my pictures and possibly a bit more.

Today we will be looking at my picture for "Model", to refresh your memories, here it is again in all it's glory:

Model Now, lets see what went into it. As you can see there are quite a few images merged into this. Lets look at the original main image, and several other ones I wanted to deal with. First off, these sprues are from some Warhammer Fantasy Battles miniatures that I never got around to cutting and assembling. Been a good 5 years since I even played the game, but I digress. I figured these would be a good starting point for the "IDEA" I had for this category. The trick was selection of the right sprue and background of the whole image. Here are several test shots of what I was attempting. Sprue 1Sprue 2Sprue 3 Sprue 4 Sprue 6Sprue 7 Cut 1Cut 3Cut 4 I ended up going with this image out of all of them due to the angle and ease of focusing other images. I am not a image manipulation guru, I am just picking up some tricks here and there... Cut 2
Next, I had to assemble a whole batch of "accessories" and heads for the picture. Originally I tried getting a friend of mine who had modelling experience to be the source images for this. Alas, schedules didn't work out and time was limited. Hence the selfies used here in the final product.
Scream Headshot 1Headshot 3
I ended up not using one image, but that's okay, I can deal with that.
Umbrella reflectorArm and Camera
Of course I neede my hat as an accessory.
The Hat!
Now I could go into further details about how it was done, but that gets too technical. Needless to say I spent a lot of time masking, scaling, and cloning to get the image just right. It took a lot of time, and work to do it. I am glad I got an honorable mention in this category, and even happier with how original it was. No one else did something like this. Till next time.

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