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Thursday, December 10, 2009


Well I guess I should show some pictures I have been taking with the new camera I managed to get my hands on. I got lucky and recieved it just at the end of the season for changing leaves. If there are two seasons that are great for taking pictures one is spring and the other is autumn. Colour and light just seem to go hand in hand. I prefer spring myself, but this post is all about fall and the changing of leaves.

Just walking to work and home was good enough for some great pictures. You would think that living in a city you wouldn't get the same pictures as the country. Well, you don't really. It's just a matter of scope and style really. Since I don't have a car and much opportunity to leave the city these days I just made do with what I could.
Fall Colours
The reds are the best colours to get at times. They seem to punch out and about no matter what.
Fall ColoursFall ColoursFall ColoursFall Colours
Alas their season doesn't really seem to last long. Yellow leaves seem to last forever though. The trees and the ground are covered with them all over.
The fun part is catching people walking through the leaves on the ground. They stir them up along with the aroma as they go by.
Of course after they are on the ground most people will need to clean them up. Gone are the days of rakes and piles. There are more modern methods to the task.
Leaf Blower
Well that should do it for today. While I am writing this the wind is blowing and the snow is falling. Stay warm while you are walking.

Paladin Phil

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