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Friday, December 11, 2009

Buildings: Panels and Art work

One thing I have trouble with classifying is building art. Or carved and sculpted panels that are part of a buildings front. Is it sculpture? Or is it something else. On my Flickr account I have just lumped them in with sculptures for the time being. You don't really see much of this style of art on modern buildings these days. They are usually covered with marble, granite, or mirrored glass. It's a shame really, because some of the 1930's and that time frame had some really good work done on them. It takes a little work to track down who did what and if there's names for some of them. Some I am still trying to track down even today. Well, when the mood strikes me that is.

One good thing about all the new construction that has been happening in the past twenty or so years is that well known pieces and building fronts are being preserved in new construction. A good example of this is the old Toronto Stock Exchange building. The TSX is now located at King street West and York street, but the original building is on Bay street between King West and Wellington. The new building that was built over and around the old TSX is called the "Fashion Exchange", in homage to what was originally there. The best part is the art deco panel that was on the building.
Toronto Stock Exchange art deco 2Toronto Stock Exchange art deco 3The Old Toronto Stock Exchange
One funny thing is part of the panel. There's a business man figure that could either be a banker or a lawyer that looks like it has a hand in a workers pocket. I remember that there was some debate over if it was accidental or done on purpose.
Toronto Stock Exchange art deco 3a
The Art Deco era came out with a few interesting works and styles. I saw this piece on a building along University near Dundas. This is one of the pieces that I have been trying to track down a name or title of the piece. The artist was quite famous for the time. She also recieved her schooling at Ryerson college which is now a university and is located downtown.
Sept 26-08 024
Sept 26-08 022
The two parts are located on the south side and north side of the building. I think there are some other pieces of hers around the city. I will be doing some more research as I go along.
Some "engravings" are all over, you just have to keep your eye out. Like this one I saw on one of the University of Toronto buildings. No name for it, no author for it. I called it the flame of knowledge. Forget the name of the building. Maybe some of you out there know?
Flame of Knowledge?

Anyway, guess I am going to have to lace up those boots and go walking.

Paladin Phil

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