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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Old Buildings and Old Advertisments

Downtown Toronto even though it has it's skyscrapers and modern buildings, there are still a few older buildings still standing around. A few of them still have painted ads on them from yester year as well. It's interesting to look at the ones that are still readable and wonder what happened to the old companies. I have managed to catch a few with my camera while they are still around. As I said some are mostly unreadable now like on this building.
Sept 13-08 022
It looks like it was painted over with another ad later on, so you get the pastiche of both ads conflicting.
Other ads are still well preserved. This one can either be an ad, or the name of a company from the building.
Sept 13-08 024
I sure hope it was something innocent that was "Lovable".
Here's one that was for a printing company. On it there is stated what type of printing and binding they were doing.
Advertising From the Past
Printers are still around all over the place, now they usually advertise in papers or on the web.

Here's another one that's almost totally faded away. I will have to return to the location, if I can find it again, and try with my Nikon. I should be able to zoom in better now and get a better shot of the ad. See if I can find out what the add was for. All I can make out at the moment is "Press".
Faded Advertisment
There are quite a few buildings like this still that I have seen, but haven't had my camera with me at the time, or was in too much of a rush. I will have to go wandering around these old areas and see what else is out there. As the city grows and evolves I believe some of these ads will be removed, and sometimes the buildings. Such is the price of progress I guess. Time to keep walking and moving, ahead of and with the progress of the city.

Paladin Phil

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