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Friday, August 19, 2011

Dog Rescuers AWAY!

Okay, here's the scoop. The past week has been a little busy and distracting. My regular readers know about Nietzsche, the "Most Photographed Dog in Toronto", as my friend SusieG likes to call him. Well we had to go save his elder brother last week. That's right save. Here's a story to tug the heart strings. Tubby, now called Toby, is Nietzsches elder brother by minutes. When he was taken by his first owner he wasn't treated too well. The person in question never had any time for him and kept him caged up for a large part of the day. Any issues, and back in the cage he went. Well when the person that gave him away originally found out, they took him back. Well the damage had been done. That was a year and a half ago. I think. I am getting most of this information third hand. Any way things were sort of okay. My friend SusieG found out last week that Tubby was going to be put down. There were some behavorial issues that the family couldn't deal with. I won't go into details here, just because I never saw the issues and that old third hand thing.

Needless to say my friend went into rescue mode. Of course, the first person she contacts is me for a road trip. This was Monday August the 8th. We were all ready to go that day, but we couldn't get a hold of the owner. SusieG being the tenacious woman that she is didn't give up. So on Thursday the 11th, the vet date was Friday, we hoped in her car and drove to the location to pick up Tubby. Along road trip, two plus hours. We got there and reintroduced Nietzsche to his brother and other "family" members, father, sister, half sister.... When we saw that they were getting along okay it was a done deal and we packed them into the car and went home.

Along for the ride was one of SusieG's new friends. The reason she came along was she new a trainer that rehabilitated maltreated dogs. The best part was he had a home for Tubby all lined up. So on the way back home I was in the back seat of the car with two dogs. Tubby crawled onto my lap and stayed there for the whole trip. I just sat there petting him and giving him attention. I think he was starved for the good attention. Twice I have made that trip with SusieG and twice I have returned with a dog in my lap. :-)

So here we are one week later. The trainer is picking up Toby this weekend, SusieG renamed him because Tubby is juvenile, and he is anything but tubby. He has been getting plenty of attention, and playing with his brother. I wish I could take him home myself, alas it's not meant to be. I know he's going to a good home at least with lots of space and love. I may get a few more pictures before he goes. At least I hope so. Now here we go, the first day and a couple of times in the dog park. Enjoy, and love Toby. ROAD TRIP! Toby and Nietzsche Toby and NietzscheToby and Nietzsche Toby and Nietzsche TobyToby Toby and Nietzsche TobyToby Toby and Nietzsche Toby and NietzscheToby Toby and Nietzsche Toby and NietzscheToby Toby TobyToby Toby TobyToby and Nietzsche Toby


  1. Awwww!

    You could still call him 'Tubby' in the ironic sense.

    Although if I were to picture a dog named 'tubby' I'd think it would be a pudgy little corgi for some reason.

  2. Hey Phil, realwest here! Great story and nice photos, too !!
    Toby and Nietzsche sure look as if they are having a great time.
    And you and your friend Susie G did a really GOOD thing to boot!
    Ah you Canadians, you're all such softies,eh?!?
    Great story, photos and all - a great way to start my day! Thanks.