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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Press Club, Streets, And Other Things

Strolling through my pictures there are many things I capture. Not just photo walks or trips. Things seen on a spur of a moment, singers in a pub, reflections here or there. Many things I see when I walk. I am starting with a trio that were singing in The Press Club down on Dundas Street West. One of my photo walker companions dragged a couple of us along after the U of T walk for company. I am glad I did. The music was nice, the ambience was interesting. I had to do these pictures in black and white because the lighting was tricky. It adds to them. Now the wanderings of the streets either to places, from places or just there.


  1. This is realwest, seem to be having problems with TypePad just now, so I'm posting Anonymously!
    Just some fine photos again Phil!! That's the one difference between black and white in the digital age and in the "old days" - in the old days if you developed your own photos and printed your own negatives, you could always "dodge" (lighten) selected parts of any photo, or darken them, heighten contrast and all.
    Still, I did love these a lot - wish there was some way you could name or I.D. these photos!!

  2. Hi real. Messing around with using Picassa to upload and post pictures. A link should be included in the picture that will take you to the album. They are captioned there at least, mostly, sometimes....

  3. Hi, Real! Be sure to stop by and say hello to the old gang! :)