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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Shooting Film

As I have mentioned previously I am stepping into the film world. Two days ago I took another step. I developed my first roll of black and white film. I purchased all the chemicals, a tank to develop the film in and waited. After carefully mixing all the chemicals I nervously grabbed one of two rolls of film that I had previously shot. In the dark, sight unseeing, I carefully removed the film from the cartridge and wound it on the developing reel. Then I placed it in the tank and sealed it from light. A deep breath, turned the lights on, and started adding the chemicals and agitating the tank. 20 minutes later I was done. I removed the strip of film from the reel and hung it up to dry. With great relief I saw images in negatives. That step was done. Yesterday morning I scanned the images before I left for work. I had to, I couldn't wait to see what I had done. Today, you will see the first images that I developed. Tomorrow, I will show the second roll I developed last night. No longer will I have to wait three weeks to get my pictures back, or pay an exorbiant fee for the privilege. I can do it myself faster and easier, not to mention cheaper. On to the show!!! 100Kentmere002 100Kentmere003100Kentmere009 100Kentmere005 100Kentmere004100Kentmere006 100Kentmere008 100Kentmere007100Kentmere010 100Kentmere011 100Kentmere012100Kentmere013 100Kentmere014 100Kentmere015100Kentmere022 100Kentmere017 100Kentmere018100Kentmere020 100Kentmere023 100Kentmere024100Kentmere025 100Kentmere027

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