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Friday, August 26, 2011

Toronto Photo Walks: Earl Bales Park 4

Yeah, I know. I said that I was going to be showing my next roll of film. Technical difficulties have delayed that for the moment. Forgot to clean the scanner bed and it caused some interesting artifacts that I thought were from development. So I will finish up with the photo walk and get those negatives scanned over the weekend. So the fox...which aren't related to cats, as a fellow walker told me...we finished up taking copious pictures of the young thing and carried on for the final climb out of the ravine. We paused half way for the as always group shot and then made our way to Yonge street. Since it was a small crowd we decided to duke through the North York cemetary. Generally we avoid places like that with large groups. The grounds keepers tend to get annoyed for some reason. It was a good decision, found some WW2 artillery pieces. After that we wandered up to Mel Lastman Square then called it a day and headed to the pub. It was a hot day, a long day, but a good day. A lot of surprises along the way and everyone enjoyed themselves. Can't wait for the next one. Group Shot _PKE3258_PKE3257 _PKE3260 _PKE3262_PKE3269 _PKE3264
_PKE3268_PKE3266 _PKE3272
_PKE3280_PKE3282 _PKE3284 _PKE3286_PKE3287 _PKE3288 _PKE3289 _PKE3291 _PKE3300_PKE3301_PKE3302 _PKE3304 _PKE3305

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