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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

About My Camera

Okay, I have been wracking my brain all day on what to talk about today. I am going to take a step back from my chronology and talk about the camera I have been using.

My camera that I have been using since 2006 is a DXG 409. It's a smallish hand held pocket type of camera. It takes most pictures in 4 megapixel format which isn't that bad. It uses 2 AAA batteries, and has internal memory and a slot for SD memory cards. I don't have a picture of it, but I did take a shot of the manual which has a picture on the front.

Doesn't look like much, and it's done the job that I needed at the time. More on this later.

It has all sorts of neat options that you can get with most cameras, flash, timer, multiple shots at once(three automatic). It has a digital zoom, which I don't use because it sucks, and flash with red eye reduction. When I first started taking pictures with it I found no problems. Till I tried taking pictures of people and zooming in on distant objects. I don't have any of my early attempts at zoom, too bad to even keep as a mistake. Taking pictures of people and animals at night was the ick moment.

Nov09-07 013Nov09-07 008Nov09-07 006

See all the red eyes? That was with the red eye reduction on the flash setting, and I believe that I tried using some software to remove even more. Just plain awful. Needless to say I try to avoid taking pictures at night with the flash of people and animals (animals are just plain worse).

I have used some of the manual settings to try for some cool effects. Like
From Camera shots

and Black and White:
From Camera shots

Here's the same item with colour:
From Camera shots

I have learned how to use the exposure setting as well. Which is good for low light and enhancing certain scenes. I don't have too many like that yet, and will probably save them for another post. So enjoy, laugh at some of the pictures and I will have more pictures tomorrow.


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