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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Pictures Tuesday: 2006

Okay, finally some picture content. Be warned though, most of these pictures are…interesting. Some bad, some fuzzy, and well lets just look at them.

Let’s take them in order here. Oh course I don’t have any of the pictures I took for my job, irrelevant to be honest. This first picture was taken at a barbecue I was invited to. In this picture is of my friends wife Holly and their daughter Nikkole. As you can see it’s a little blurry.

Well it was a family get together so I was shanghaied into taking all the pictures. There I was draped with and holding more cameras then I thought possible. Some one else took this picture with my camera and yeah, it needs to be held really steady.

From Year 2006

Well that was the summer. I wasn’t snapping that many pictures, or I didn’t really need to keep them. I tried taking pictures of my miniatures when I was heavily into that hobby. I actually tried to take some to create a story line when I was at a friends place doing some miniature battles. The scenery was crude, along with the players, and I found more issues with the camera I was using.

From Year 2006

Well I tried to see if it was the situation or the camera. At home I decided to try to take pictures of some of my other miniatures that I thought I did some great detailed painting on. Once again, camera frustration arose.

From Year 2006
From Year 2006
From Year 2006

Well, finally there’s a time in every persons life that they will probably play with self-portraits when they have a camera. I was also trying to get a good picture of myself currently for my brother and my sister-in-law. I didn’t have a proper camera stand, so I had to do a jury rig to achieve the proper height. It took a lot of messing around till I got it right.
From Year 2006

Needless to say the jury-rigged stand was…ingenious.

Now for Thursday’s pictures, a final set from 2006 that requires a whole post all by itself.


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