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Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Step Forward

So there I was in the 90’s. Computers were taking off like gangsters, everything was in a downloadable format, even though it took forever. I saw my first digital camera on a tech news program. It was an interesting gadget being used by one of our regional newspapers down at sporting events. It used a regular camera body and lenses. I don’t know what type of sensor it had, I just knew that the photographer carried around a storage device that was huge. The camera was attached to this device by cable and stored the pictures there when they were shot.

Cameras started getting better and smaller. Internet services started getting faster and faster as well. Media storage increased in size without increasing in physical size. Parts of devices started to shrink in size and increasing in capability. Back around 1999-2000 I saw one of my first digital cameras. It cost over a thousand dollars, and it used a diskette for media storage. I saw immediately how this could change all sorts of photography, from personal to professional. Of course the cameras were limited by the size of the sensor and how large the picture file was to be saved. Usually 5 to 10 shots and the diskettes were filled.

I kept seeing smaller and smaller cameras coming out, and then cell phones started getting cameras. Quality sucked for some of these cameras but that was too be expected. I kept putting it off on getting a new camera. They were too expensive, I didn’t own a good enough computer, etc., etc., etc. I was tempted many times. I just didn’t know what to get. There were Canon’s, Sony’s, and numerous other brands around to purchase. Trouble was I didn’t know squat about cameras or what to look for. Of course this would come back to haunt me down the road.
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