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Monday, September 28, 2009

The Year 2007: Part The First

Well 2007 was a year where I started to take some more pictures. By this time I had also picked up a proper tripod for my camera. A small portable one that was sufficient for what I was doing at the time. Now I will be going back and forth here, there's a bit more to show and I am going to be working on themes rather then a chronology. Works better for displaying what pictures remain that I didn't delete.

Yes I deleted a fair amount of pictures. They were really bad, super blurry, or other things. I changed my mind later on about this policy. So now on with the show.

As I said earlier I bought a tripod. I wanted something to hold the camera steady while trying to take pictures of small stuff and self portraits(that will be a seperate post altogether). Before I had taken pictures of my miniatures in singles or small groups. Well this time I figured I would take pictures of larger groups.

As you can see I have a lot of toy soldiers. As well you can see an issue that was starting to irk me a bit. If I stood about several feet away while taking the picture it blurred, no matter if it was a portrait or landscape setting. If I got close...

I got some great detail, in the center and front, but the background started to blur. Mind you some of the shots I took have a certain look to them now that I look back on it.

Now when I started using the flash, thinking that might solve the problem...

Metallic paints and a bright flash just don't mix too well.

Now this miniature is one that I am proud of. Made of cast metal, it had to be pieced together, holes filled in, primed, then painted. This is the finished piece as it stands.

And finally a shout out to my "namesakes".

So that's it at the moment for my army, I may go back to them someday and try to take some better pictures. That will all depend on a few things.



  1. Phil, I think you need one of those white shade filter thingys in front of the flash.

  2. Yeah that would work. If I could fit something like that on my camera. See a couple posts back to see what I am working with. :)