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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

2007: Part the Second, or not all pictures are gems

Well, there's good photography, then there's bad photography. Using a camera can be very frustrating at times. As I have said before, most of my bad pictures are gone. Usually deleted before they are downloaded. Well that used to be true. I now keep even the bad ones, sometimes they can be useful.

I don't know why this series of pictures is so blurry, I will ponder this later. Any way back in February of 2007 I was up visiting my mother in Central Ontario. As for the past few years the winters up there are getting cold and snowy. Of course I had my camera with me and had to take some shots around her neighborhood. They all looked good before I downloaded them, needless to say I was disappointed at first with the outcome.

So without further preamble the bad pictures:

These are the first three, and yes I remember growing up with that much snow in the winter. They actually don't look that bad considering, in an artistic sense. With a little of Photoshop mods they could be amazing pieces of art. (note to self, find a copy of Photoshop)

This is my moms front entrance:

And yes eventually she had to get someone to shovel off her roof. :)

Looking down the street to the main road that goes by her street. The snow fall happened about two days before I got there. It was so cold that the snow on the road hadn't had a chance to melt. In fact, they rarely use salt on the roads in this area.

Well that's it for the blurry shots. Needless to say my skills got better. I also think that the camera sensor was affected by the cold. Just checking the weather from that day and year, it was down to -23 degrees celsius with a high that day of -10.


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