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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

2007: Part Third or The Self Portrait.

Looking at my pictures I had a hard time trying to figure out what to write on. 2007 was a rather sparse year of saved pictures. One thing I did notice was that I had a few shots taken of myself either a self portrait style or in a group. Funny how much your look can change in a year. I am going back to 2006 for a second just to compare things.

Now this was from November 17th 2006 (gotta love EXIF on digital pictures). Compare it with these two pictures taken on January 25th 2007.

Yeah, I grew out a full beard that year. It grows in fast so I can really get away with it at work when I am allowed to do it. I used my handy dandy tripod that I had picked up by this time. I did use it later as well.

I was up visiting my mom a lot during this period as well. She needed some help and I was pitching in when I could. On her birthday, my brother had flown in from out west to see how she was doing and to give a little hand as well. On March 1st we took her out for a birthday dinner at a little resteraunt called the "Ossawippi Express". A bunch of old train cars turned into a fine dining establishment.

Out comes the tripod again to take a self portrait, and a group shot of family and friend.

The self portrait wasn't really an ego thing, it was more a test of the flash and angling of the camera for the group shot. You will have to forgive me an my brother at this time. I had been up since midnight for work, and he had gotten into Toronto at about 8am. He picked me up and we headed north with no sleep, except for a 2 hour nap when we arrived. So in the group shot we have from left to right, my brother Bruce, family friend Dave, my mom, and of course myself.

I didn't have too many other pictures of myself until October. No self portraits, I had some one take the picture for a couple of group shots. I will only show one here.
Nov09-07 055
Yep the full beard is gone, and it's just the goatee. Also I went with the Mr. Clean look. I do believe I have a few more pictures as well I took running around out there. I will probably find them once I get my new computer up and running and all my photos properly downloaded and sorted on it. So till next time, and it should be more scenery and pretty pictures.


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