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Thursday, October 1, 2009

2007: Going Fourth or Out and About

Okay, yeah I am shamelessly stealing titles from Black Adder. Can't help it, I am a partial fan of his. Well, good english humour at the least. I am trying to get my muse going here, feeling a little rough and muffled in the thinking. So anyway onto the picture show. As I went on, I was learning that my camera was very finicky. It had to be held really steady in order not to blur when the button was pushed. I managed to get some good shots over the year. I was up and back to Orillia, across some areas of Toronto, and even out to Kelowna B.C.

Winter shots if you are prepared for them can be quite nice. As I was working night shifts at this time I was able to get a good one downtown before the crowds trampled it into brown slush.

I have a lot of pictures of Roy Thomson Hall that I have taken. Mostly from the winter and we will be seeing more of it later on. Of course my journey around the city wouldn't be complete without a picture of the CN Tower as well.

I swear to god that I am missing a bunch of pictures that I took. It's going to take awhile till I find them all. Anyway in the middle of the summer I was visiting my mom and she took me out on a boat cruise. "The Island Princess" from the Port of Orillia does a meal and cruise of lakes Couchiching and Simcoe. It was a nice evening and I managed to get a few shots of the sunset.

Also on the boat ride we passed through the Narrows from Couchiching to Simcoe, and I managed to save a picture of the break wall for the Port of Orillia. (posted in that order)

If you click on the first picture to get a larger view, you will see a blue heron in the center of the picture. We see a lot of them in the wetlands around the area.

I didn't take many more scenery pictures until about October when I went to Kelowna. The Okanagan Valley is very picturesque with the lake, mountains, and vineyards. These pictures were taken from beside the lake and at Mission Hill Winery as well.

Nov09-07 027Nov09-07 030Nov09-07 041

Nov09-07 042Nov09-07 043
Just noticed when looking at my pictures how I lined up these two shots perfectly.
Nov09-07 050Nov09-07 051

(well almost perfectly)

Anyway, that's it for the out and about, and tomorrow I think I will deal with the odds and ends I took in 2007. Stay tuned.