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Friday, February 12, 2010

More Nietzsche

Yeah I know. Can't help myself this week. I look at it doing a few functions. One giving me a topic to work on, practicing action and exposure, and letting his mommy see what he's up to. I sit here writing this post on Thursday evening after getting back from a good walk. Almost killed me a few times, but it was so worth it. I got back in time to greet Nietzsche, Homer, and Homers dad on the way back from the field.
I took puppy from Homers dad and thanked him for exercising him for a bit then returned home to change from work to play attire. I also got something to chew on to build a little energy. He was still ready though.

On Guard!

Well, ready to go and camera in hand we were off to the trails to wear him out. He's a bit of a puller and you need a firm grip on the leash. Stopping to investigate everything and anything along the way. We got to the start of the trails we normally walk and ran across a whole pack of dogs. Thumbnails follow. I was essentially shooting the camera with one hand and trying to control him on the leash with the other. Nice and chaotic.
Making FriendsMaking FriendsMaking Friends
We finally got to a spot where I could unleash him and he was off like a shot. He's good though, will come when you call. There were quite a few walkers and dogs about. That's the best part for me. He's playful and playing chase with other dogs wears him out faster. A lot of new friends I think. SusieG will let me know when she sees the pictures. (I hope)

Making Friends
Making FriendsMaking Friends
Cold, Cold, ColdThe Chase is ON
Fellow Dog WalkersWhat do you mean come?
It was a nice walk. It sure tuckered me out though. Considering I walk to work and back then go for an hour and a half walk after....

Well that's it for today. We shall see what the future holds this weekend.

Paladin Phil

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