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Monday, February 1, 2010

Toronto Photo Walk: The Beach(es)

Good Monday morning everyone. This weekend I went on an excursion down to The Beach(es) (still a debate about the proper name for the place). I discovered the group by accident a couple of weeks ago on Flickr and jumped in when I discovered they had a walk coming up. The only plans they make are where they start, which route to wander, lunch, dinner, and that's it.

On Saturday I showed up at the start point which was called The Pump House Park.
Pump House Park
There I met up with the organizer and a few other people that had gotten there on time or earlier. Me I was a little late, but not too late. A few other stragglers showed up along with a friend of mine, then we headed out on our walk to see the sights and talk photography as we went. It was a rather eclectic group from what I saw. Everything from digital SLRs to one person shooting Polaroid film. There was about twenty of us wandering around snapping shots as the whim took us. I will be talking about this over the coming week since there was so much happening and so many pictures that I took. I think I will just show some pictures from the start of the walk to get things going. Enjoy the pictures.
Pump House Park
The organizer is on the left with a few intrepid people as well.
The Group
The group strung out along the path.
Under the Band StandSkylineLooking for the Shot


The Flickr site is located here and then there's the main website. A lot of good looking shots were taken by everyone.

Out for now.
Paladin Phil


  1. Hi Phil. I'm glad you found the group and came along.

    You wrote: "The only plans they make are where they start, which route to wander, lunch, dinner, and that's it." What do you think was missing from the planning? I'm starting to plan the next one (which will be on Feb 20th) so I'm interested to see if there's something I need to tweak.

  2. Hi Paul. I don't think there really needs to be any tweaking at all. I loved that planning. Simplicity is key when you are trying to herd cats, err photographers. Start points, end points, and break points are usually all that are really needed sometimes.