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Friday, February 19, 2010

Sculptures: The Return

Been awhile since I really focused on sculpture. Yesterday I guess can count. But that was something I just threw together at the really last minute. So much to see, so much to capture it can be hard to focus on a specific topic. Or as I sometimes say, "My AD/HD is acting up again" (no I don't really have it or have been diagnosed with it). So back to sculptures. Actually I think I will do three posts more or less when I get around to it on The Al Green Sculpture Garden Park and environs. An area just east of Yonge and Davisville. I found it when I went looking for it and ended up spending an afternoon wandering through the area getting some great pictures of all that were around.

I think I will start off with the name sake of the park, Al Green. Al Green has a few pieces scattered about the area actually. I ended up doing some research on him afterwards. You can read some details on his studio page.

He works in several mediums, bronze and something called "Winter Stone". The park contains a mix of the two. Here's a sampling of his works in the park.

Emerging Tower:
Emerging TowerEmerging TowerEmerging Tower

Homage to a Higher Power:
Homage To A Higher PowerHomage To A Higher Power

Square Spiral:
Square SpiralSquare SpiralSquare Spiral

And the final piece in the park, Difficult Accent:

Difficult AccentDifficult AccentDifficult Accent

Now, I know some artists will have a to their work. I found these pieces to be very bland overall. I can't say too much more really, since I am not an art major in any way. One thing of note though. Difficult Accent was made from a material called "winter stone". I did some research on it and it's supposed to me a molding compound that's all weather. Unfortunately I don't think it was designed for Canadian winters. The piece was crumbling at the base and at a few other spots as well. I hope that the people in charge of maintaining the pieces will eventually fix this. Any way I think I will end this post here. I will return to this area again since there are so many works around it. Take care.

Paladin Phil

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