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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sunday Bonus Post

Don't get used to it folks. Went for a long walk yesterday to the Sunnybrook dog off leash area. Had a small slip and fall on the way, icy hills, saw some great sights, and lots of dogs. I will be saving the sights for a separate post. Today it's dogs, dogs, more dogs, and Nietzsche. Enjoy.

Nietzsche on IceAlong The Path
Isn't this fun?You kids behave!
Gang up on him boys.Surround HIm!
Uh oh!Got you now.

Paladin Phil

P.S. The dog owners that go here often have a website.....


  1. Phil-- Thanks for the kind words on Blogmocracy. I'm more of a 28-35-50mm SLR 400ASA kinda guy, but those days are gone. Thank God for Roxio PhotoSuite4! --Bunk

  2. Hi Bunk. No problem. I have also struggled with pitiful point and shoot cameras as well, so I feel your angst. Keep it up.