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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Toronto Photo Walks: The Beach(es) II

I took a lot of pictures. It's hard to really decide which ones to show. They are pretty good I think, and some people thought that they were cool as well. One person was looking at them after I had downloaded them and was cycling through them pretty quickly. At some points you could see the action of some shots. I may do that. Turn them into a movie and loop it. Anyway on with the show.

I used to work down in this area, had fun pointing out to people where exactly and toss in a small story. One thing that was practically gospel was that to live or visit in The Beaches, you needed either a baby or a dog. Lots of dogs out that day. It may have been -15 Celsius when we started, but it sure didn't scare off the dog walkers.
Nothing like watching a couple of dogs play around.
Walking through the area we saw all kinds of dogs. Most of them in those cute *gag* coats which seem all the rage I guess. Some dogs I do concede it's necessary. Others though it's more a fashion statement.

Believe it or not. Some dogs like swimming even in this temperature. Personally I think they're nuts. Then again, they come naturally with fur coats.


The light was positioned perfectly and it was bright. It allowed me to get these shots. Most people wondered what I was aiming at. Then they saw them later and were floored.
Shaking It OutShaking It OutShaking It OutShaking It OutShaking It OutShaking It OutShaking It Out
Just watch that water fly....

Well just a few more dog pictures.

And I think this is the end for today.


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