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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Shooting Macro

Well, I have a lens now that lets me shoot macro photography. What's macro you ask? Well to simplify it, it's a lens that allows you to take close up photos of smallish items and keep the picture in focus. Before I got the macro lens, I was using a poor mans macro. I would take my 50mm lens, remove it from the body and flip the front to the back and hold it in front of the shutter before taking a picture. Yes it's possible to do this. I may shoot a video of how to do it for those that don't understand.

Anyway, this is a result of a poor man's macro lens.

My lens cap up close and personal.

Now with a real macro lens you get shots like these:

Wild Berry
Rain Drop LeafsRain Drop Leafs
Ducky and Froggy SwimmingRain Drop Leafs

Only downside to a macro lens? You have to move yourself physically to focus. So worth the effort I find. I will be doing experimentation with it on all sorts of things. Just you wait and see.

Paladin Phil

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