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Friday, June 18, 2010

Toronto Photo Walks: Queens Quay, Rain and Stuff

After lunch we continued on our way. Lucky for us it hadn't rained yet, alas our luck was about to run out.
Colurful Boats
Rain WarningColurful Boats
When it started it was coming down cats and dogs. We had to hold up under an awning while we waited for it to abate. Still it did pose some opportunities, and I tried to use my flash for other things. Something I am still trying to learn properly.
Rain DropsCatching the Rain

Finally the rain let up and we continued on the way. Having fun, visiting a fire station, and sauntering towards the end of the harbour.
Dirk Duckly and Lily Padleaper
Fire StationFire Station
We got to the Music Garden and took our group shot and enjoyed the location. There were lots of opportunities with wet items and great imaginations.
Group Shots
Wet BoulderRain Drop Leafs
Before we reached the end of this location we spotted some swans and their offspring. Talk about attention.
Swan Paparazzi

Anyway that's it for today. I will either continue this tomorrow, or pick it up on Monday. Depends on what happens with work and stuff. Enjoy your plans.

Paladin Phil