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Friday, November 6, 2009

2008: Looking Up, part 2

I love the sky in all formats. It doesn't matter what time of day or weather it will almost always have something there that I can see or capture. Mind you not all the time are the pictures good quality when I do take them. Sometimes though it doesn't matter to me at all. Pictures at night presented a real challenge for me. The biggest problem is most cameras won't capture what the human eye sees. I have learned since that it takes a different lenses, shutter speeds, ISO settings, and so on. Still at the time when I took one picture this was all in the future. Low clouds are fun when they obscure the skyscrapers at night. The lighting from buildings and the street will illuminate them from below and within.

Low Ceiling

The skyline will take on an almost surreal look when viewed.

Rain clouds and low clouds are always fun. Especially when you get them at the right time. Billowing past buildings or landmarks, when a break in the cloud lets through that one shaft of blue or sunlight. It changes the whole experience. I wonder how many people miss this because they are too focused on the end of their trips or journeys?

Light In the CloudsLow CloudsClouds Rolling In

It's not just the clouds themselves that are the star attraction. Sometimes it's what's in the sky at the time when you are ready to see. A low flying plane, birds flocking about, or just about anything.

Aug 2008 11Final ApproachesAug 18-08 013

I always try to keep my sense of wonder when I am looking up. I see things as they are, as I imagine, or even simplicity. Even when I am feeling a little down, looking up will raise my spirits. Even if just for a moment. Taking pictures at times will assist me on those down days when I look at them and remember that feeling I had when I took the picture. Anyway, enough for today, keep walking.

Paladin Phil

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